Fiction: Imee Begs Imelda to Skip Hearing for Her Party

Note: This is a work of fiction. This was written as a response to the writing prompt from “712 More Things to Write About”. The prompt is: write about a conversation between two people.

This was also inspired by this article:, which says: “But, on the night of the case’s promulgation that she skipped, she was photographed at the birthday party of Imee in San Juan. The former first lady of late President and strongman Ferdinand Marcos was confronted by Sandiganbayan Fifth Division Chairman Rafael Lagos on the controversial party, pointing out she even traveled from Makati to San Juan just to attend the festivities. Marcos defended herself, saying Imee insisted she attend her birthday party. ‘I only attended because my eldest, this is her birthday. She was crying and begging,’ Marcos said. A confused Lagos then asked Marcos for the real reason behind her absence, to which she replied that she didn’t not know.”

Imee: *wails* Mooooom, please, go to the party. It’s my birthday!

Imelda: Iha, pinapapunta ako sa korte. Kung hindi ako magpakita, mas malilintikan ako.

Imee: *wails* But mom, it’s my birthday!

Imelda: You already said that. Wala ka na bang ibang pinaglalaban?

Imee: *wails* All the guests are already here *cries some more*

Imelda: Yun lang?

Imee: Mom, they might jail you and never let you out. Let’s call Duterte. Let’s talk to him.

Imelda: Hindi niya sinasagot ang calls ko. Nasa APEC daw. Sa text, di rin siya nagrereply. Nag-send ako ng tae na emoji at seen zoned ako!

Imee: *wails* Si Bong Go? Hindi ba tayo malakas sa kanya?

Imelda: Money has its limits, iha. Pati siya iwas. Face it, we are in a really precarious situation, but no worries, if we survived EDSA, we can survive this. Ihanda na natin ang wheelchair, and the best doctors of St. Luke’s should be alerted. Pina-overtime ko din ang mga trolls. Ang hashtag natin ay “Justice for Imelda”.

Imee: So, you can go na to my party?

Imelda: Susmaryosep!

Imee: *wails* Mom, ang tagal ko nang pinag-handaan ito. It’s my birthday, mom! And this is a very stressful time, so you really need to party.

Imelda: In fairness, stress is bad for my health. Kahit yung mga doctor ko sinasabi sa akin yan. Yun din yung reason why I bought so many shoes. Nakaka-stress si Ferdie kasi ang daming pinapatay.

Imee: *shocked* Nagsalita!

Imelda: Okay, fine, pinapatay ko si Ninoy. Ok, bad move. How many times ba ako magsosorry? Kailan ka ba mag-momove on?

Imee: Hoy! That’s our family’s line. Huwag niyong gamitin sa akin!

Imelda: Fine. *then mutters under her breath* Archimedes Trajano *cough cough*

Imee: *di narinig ang sinabi ni Imelda* So papayag ka na?

Imelda: Na ano?

Imee: *wails* Mom, punta ka sa party ko!

Imelda: Okay! Okay! Kapag ako nalintikan ah.

Imee: Yey! We’ll take lots of photos.

Imelda: Okay. I think nga I need to de-stress.

Imee: That’s the spirit, mom!

Imelda: Hindi pa ako mamamatay! Leche!

Imee: *smiles weakly* *thinking: ay, binge na* Sure, mom, sure. Let’s party.

*Music: Tick-tock on the clock, but the party don’t stop, no, oh oh, oh!*

*the Marcoses begin dancing*

*Music: Oh, oh oh, oh, oh!*

(Lights out)

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