Dear Editor: On All About Ja

Note: This was written as a response to the prompt in 712 More Things to Write About by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. The prompt is: a magazine all about you is launched. Write a letter to the editor.

Dear Editor,

I really enjoyed the first issue of All About Ja. I’ve always known her to be a nice girl but bitchy Ja is also awesome. She’s flawed, she’s shitty–but all of that in a good way or at least in a necessary way. We can’t be nice all the time. In fact, there are some people who are too nice that they won’t do the right thing. Sometimes, you have to be a shit to fight for truth and justice. Some people will abuse you if you’re too nice. If you gently tell them that what they are doing is wrong, they still won’t get it. I’m glad Ja is learning to accept the bitchy side of her, but I also can tell that she is also worried.

She’s been a nice girl for too long that it’s hard for her to be hated, and it’s even harder for her to admit that she hates–to be public about it, to see people be scandalized by the fact that she’s more than just a nice girl, to be public about being human, warts and all.

She is also tired of snapping and getting angry at people she loves just because she can’t express herself to the shitty people who deserve it. She thinks it’s unfair that she is taking out her anger at bumbling strangers who shouldn’t be treated with that much vehemence. It’s a journey, she knows that, and she will figure it out.

I just want to tell her that I accept her for everything she is. I only hope that she learns to accept herself–both the good and the bad. She can continue to improve and become a better person while being at peace with her imperfections. That means when negative emotions and a bitchy clap back are warranted, I hope she begins to own it.

Her ever fan,


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