A Cover to Cry (Song)

A Cover to Cry

Composed when I was 11 years old
Recorded when I was in college


We had a game
We lost
We cried
Bu the true thing is inside
It’s not really the game
That is to blame
It’s when you broke our hearts
Coz you said, said we were falling apart.


A cover to cry
That’s my lie
A cover to weep
About this secret so deep
So if it’s time to say farewell
Oh then just promise me
Promise me
You’ll never tell


We played t-ball
We lost by one point
For me it’s no big deal
But about you and me―
That’s for real
That’s the thing I wanna sing about
Our fight
Your thoughts and doubts
Cause I tell you it’s just



The game was so intense
Winning that’s what I sensed
But we lost
And that led to crying and sighing
I also cried and wish I died
Not because of that silly game
It just hurts when I hear your name
Coz I tell you it’s just


Background of the song:

I found a whole folder of recorded songs and song lyrics on my laptop, so I decided to upload them here. I don’t know why I’m posting this. I guess I’m still trying to revive my singing dream. I used to sing a lot, but now I don’t anymore. I guess it’s hard to keep up that dream when all your life you’re told you’re sintonado. But there’s still a nagging feeling that I can’t give it up completely. So maybe I’ll just have fun and upload my old songs here on my blog and maybe write new ones. Maybe this will be a hobby that I’ll enjoy. Who knows?

The lyrics now seem silly, but I like how it captured how I used to hide my feelings and that was why I would make the world think I’m crying about something when I’m actually crying about something else. I see it as a diary entry. A glimpse into my emotional issues when I was younger.

I like it that it’s a friendship song because most of my early songs were really about friendships, but I thought it wasn’t legit to write about friendships because there were only love songs on the radio. So oftentimes, I took the emotion of the experience and turned it into a love song. In this song though, I don’t do that. Instead, I talk about a particular moment when I was eleven and I thought I was losing a friend.

The singing is trying hard to be dramatic, but I still like the general melody of the song.

Below is also an entry from my song diary. In the past, I used to keep a diary where I talk about what inspired me to write the song. It’s a shame I didn’t do this for all of my songs. In terms of this song diary entry, I don’t really know what secrets I’m referring to, but I guess that I’m talking about the fact that when you’re friends with someone, you share your secrets with them, and so when you stop being friends with that person, you hope that despite the dissolution of your relationship, you will not be betrayed.

Song diary entry: written when I was 12 years old

Condition: In the bus looking at the view. Thinking about the game and the fight.

This song talks about how Sulibao was defeated by Gandingan by one point. I wanted to cry but I wanted to play the tough girl. The reason why I wanted to cry was not because I was sad about the game, I was sad because we fought with our friend. The lyrics of the song says that we had fun, told each other secrets but if she really has to go, I hope she’ll never tell our secrets.

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