Another Day for Us (Song)

I found a whole folder of recorded songs and song lyrics on my laptop, so I decided to upload them here. In this recording, I don’t enunciate, and the transitions between the verses and the choruses are melodically wonky. In general though, I don’t mind it, but it’s not one of my oldie and imperfect but goodie songs. Unfortunately there’s no song diary entry for this, but it’s sounds like I’m mimicking a Mariah Carey song. For sure, it’s not based on real life because I didn’t have an affair with someone when I was 14.

Composed when I was 14 years old

Recorded when I was in college

Another Day for Us

by Age of the Diary


The fireflies are greeting us

It’s time to go

The magic, the still night

Is sweeping us both

The cold wind

Wraps my tender skin

The silence is making love win

But I know I must leave


So I say my last

Let it be goodbye

No one needs to know this

And no one needs to cry

Coz we’ll make

A lot of deep sorrow

If I promise you

That there’ll be another day for us


The night is getting deeper

Leaving you is so much harder

But I really have to go

Oh the freedom, the choice to love you

Alluring, telling me to never let go

The moment is making me think

But this secret is bounded to sin


oh the magic, the still night

but no

I must leave

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