Researching on How to Organize My Writing Life

As I said in my post 2020 Masterlist (Life Plans, New Year’s Resolutions, Advice, Top 2 Goals, etc.), I realized that my writing life is not organized. I have stuff on my blog, notebooks, a note in my phone, my laptops, in Evernote, and in Gdocs. One of the things that I said I wanted to do is to research on this. So I did and I found these tips. I’ll try them out and update you about my progress.

Organizing Your Writing Life by Collin Kelley

  1. “spreadsheet that holds nearly 20 years of acceptances, rejections and withdrawals from various journals, contests, anthologies, etc. There’s also a separate part of the document where I keep a running list of open submissions”
  2. “Every few months, I go through the various folders that live on my desktop and consolidate documents and drafts”

10 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Writing a Book by Jeff Goins

  1. Have a daily word count goal
  2. Have weekly deadlines
  3. Celebrate your progress

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