Cryin’ (Song)

The overly dramatic singing is irksome. I like the line “Not because of sorrow in time”, which is a reference to one of my first ever songs that I wrote which is entitled “Sorrow in Time”. I am not sure if this was my inspiration, but I do remember hearing Britney Spears’ “Stronger” and thinking how it was so cool that the song referenced a line in her first hit “Baby One More Time”. I don’t know if “Stronger” came out before I wrote this song, but if it did, it probably influenced my song. I’m not really sure if this song is something I wrote about the same person who inspired ” Sorrow in Time” but it might be just a conceptual exercise.

Written: age 11

Recorded: college


by Age of the Diary


Cryin’ day and night
About our fight
Can’t we do things right
For once
Oh oh

One more try
Take it one more chance
So don’t start to cry
Cause we have one more chance
Save your tears
Wipe it all away
If it starts to flow
It’s not because of sorrow

Cryin’ all the way
Can’t you hear me say
Coz I ain’t gonna be
Be blinded and can’t see
Over what’’s happenin’


Not because of sorrow in time
Not because we can’t shine
Maybe we need time
Time to breathe
Time to reach

(chorus 2x)

Cryin’ but we have one more chance
Cryin’ it’s our last chance
Cryin’ that’s our chance
Cryin’ cryin’ cryin’

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