You love dictators because you hate choice

I always assumed that people would rather opt for choices. People hate being forced into things, so it would seem logical that they’d rather have choices. Then, I read something (I forgot where) that said people like having other people choose for them. I realized that this makes sense as well. They want this because they trust the other person more, or because they don’t trust themselves (or both), or because they want other people to blame if the decision turns out to be a bad thing.

Sometimes letting other people decide can be a good thing. Like letting your doctor decide what medicine you should take makes sense. Maybe some people feel that way about politics. They feel like they don’t know anything about running a country, so they are willing to give all the power to this one individual so that this person can make all the decisions for them.

The problem with that is one individual can never know what is best for an entire country. Unlike the doctor who makes a decision for one patient, the politician governs not just one person but a multitude of individuals, some of which have competing interests. That is why democracy makes sense. Everyone gets to take part in creating a better world, a world that doesn’t just cater to the interests of the rich and the powerful but a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to live well and be happy.

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