Have a Heart (Song)

Have a heart
Written in 2000, and on Aug 5, 2001
Recorded in college


I know I was wrong
(yes I was)
I know I acted like a fool
(Yes I did)
I know evil ruled in my heart

You said you forgave me
I’m happy
But you haven’t forgotten
I understand
What I don’t is


You always keep on reminding me
You made that day fresh and new
Forever always that’s why I wanna tell you


Don’t you know I have a heart?
A heart that can break
A heart that can’t take
It anymore
A heart that can feel
Many things
Such as hurt
And other feelings


I know I hurt you
(Yes I did)
I know it’s hard work
(Yes it is)
To mend what I’ve done

Still you forgave me
I’m happy
But you haven’t forgotten
I understand
What I don’t is

(Ref, Chorus)

I feel hurt
And other feelings
Huhuhurt and other feelings
and other feelings
and other feelings
oh hurt and other feelings

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