Passion (Poem)

Note: I wrote this when I was in college

Why am I like this?
Simply shattered by your kiss,
Murdered by the sweetness of your smile,
Drowning in the depths of your eyes.

Here I go again,
Vulnerable to the gentle touch of your hand,
Adhering to every deceitful command,
Bowing to the magical intimacy of the moment.

I am frightened by your every move,
Tempted to simply run away,
But I am trapped in your passionate grasp,
Love was forced to stay.

My mind screams to me some logical advice,
Yet to my heart they are but lies,
The melody spells pure deceit,
Can’t imagine the bitter side of it.

Our hearts collide in the cradle of passion,
Making me live in some twisted illusion,
It was forever, forever, and forevermore,
Your touch is what I solely crave for.

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