Filipino Salvage vs American Salvage (Poem)

Salvage daw sabi ng Amerikano,
Masasalvage tayo,
Natakot naman ako
Kasi ang alam ko
Yung salvage ay yung chop-chop lady,
Yung salvage ay tinambak at tinapon sa Cavite,
Yung salvage ay nawala nalang na parang bula,
Yung salvage na yan ay di nakakatuwa,
Pero sabi ng Amerikano ang salvage
Sa kanila ay mabuti,
Tayong little brown brothers nila na inutil,
Bibigyan ng edukasyon
Para di na tayo marunong
Magtanong sa sariling wika
At lahat ng pangarap natin ay Amerika.
Oo nga
Na salvage talaga.

Salvage said the Americans,
We will be salvaged,
I got scared
Because what I know is this:
Salvage is the chopped lady,
Salvage is when you’re thrown like garbage to Cavite,
Salvage is when you suddenly disappear like a bubble,
Salvage is not a fun thing.
But the American said
That salvage for them is good,
We their little brown brothers who are stupid,
We will be given education
So that we won’t know
How to ask in our mother tongue
Until all of us dream of America.
Oh yes,
We were salvaged.

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