The Benefits of Staying Stupid about the #MeToo Movement (Poem)

To the institution afraid
of the #MeToo movement:
Justice can feel like war
so why disturb the criminal peace?
Survivors still know silence.
Survivors still know how to flee not fight.
Survivors still know how to bear the pain.
So you resist learning.
You lament,
oh this crime is modern and new!
You cling to your sweet foundations,
your cherished calcifications,
your ignorance so sacred and blue.
I’m glad to be the victim who
taught herself to be the right kind of stupid,
the stupid who hopes,
the stupid who is brave,
and, worst of all, the stupid who stays.
So Dear A,
let me tell you about my plans as your employee:
I want to be a thorn
with hair-like weakness,
a prick of nothing
in your heel.
Trampled by your flesh,
I suffocate;
you howl.
Hell together,
I gloat,
I poison,
veins course–
You will morph.
You will absorb.
You will transform
if you don’t want to die.

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