2022 Masterlist (Life Plans, New Year’s Resolutions, Advice, Top 4 Goals, etc.)

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Reflections About 2021:

I have been trying to organize my writing life, and I did submit a few times, but I’m beginning to realize that maybe I don’t really care about getting published. Why? I mean, I care about the prestige. I wish I didn’t. However, there’s still a part of me that wants to be validated as a writer. On the other hand, I don’t care about being published because, in the past, my published works have vanished online, and I mostly did not get compensated for what I submitted. This makes me think, what’s the point in submitting when I can just publish it in my blog? At least in my blog, I can ensure that my work will always be online and also that the format is something I can control. Yes, I won’t get paid when I post it in my blog, but neither will I be when I submit to publications. This year, I’m exploring other platforms.

I did not decide on the language exam for my masters because I shifted from literature to a feminist course. I feel happier now.

I was able to work on LDA, but I forgot to do BOS. I will put BOS in my task list in my bujo so I won’t forget.

I wasn’t able to swap books. I was able to somewhat stick to buying second hand books last year. This year, I want to only buy local books and focus on reading my unread books or rereading the books I like.

I was able to accomplish my goal of writing about groups that are combating sexual violence in their schools. I co-wrote that paper with a team.

I haven’t blogged in a long time, so I would like to resume blogging.

Looking at my 2021 blog posts, it seems I wrote mostly poems or uploaded old poems, old songs, or old short stories.

Top 4 goals for 2022:

  • Build teachable site
  • Continue BOS
  • Continue LDA
  • Work stuff

New Year’s Resolutions

  • Bike once a day
  • Biking in parks once every two months
  • Local books only
  • No Facebook on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Digital Detox Weekends
  • March no buying month

Masterlist of Dreams as of the End of 2021:

  • Life Vision-Mission:
    • creative and intellectual job
    • to speak at conferences
    • to be in a positive working environment
    • to do something related to Filipino culture
    • to do something related to feminism and anti-discrimination in general
    • to do something related to self-help
    • to do something related to comedy
    • to form genuine connections with others
    • to be confident enough to sing
    • to become a caring person
    • to become confident
    • to become brave
  • Income Generation
    • earn P50,000 a month
    • multiple income streams
    • investments and passive income
    • stand up gigs
    • improv gigs
    • teaching improv gigs
    • teaching gigs
    • selling at local bazaars
    • organizing writing workshops, especially a feminist writing workshop
    • having my own shop (my products: crafty merchandise; books and zines I wrote about Philippine psychology, politics, personal essays; and politically-charged merchandise like t-shirts with feminist slogans and stuff)
  • Saving
    • Borrow books from the library (check out the online borrowing)
    • Swap books with people
    • reread books I have
    • read my unread books
  • Creative Writing
    • Write fiction (in Wattpad)
    • Write poetry
    • Write creative non-fiction
    • Write songs
    • Perform songs
    • Upload songs on YouTube
    • Write stand up
    • Perform stand up
    • Upload stand up video/podcasts
    • Write humorous pieces
    • Write political pieces
    • Write scripts
    • Make a play
    • Make a movie
    • Make zines
    • Organize my writing life
    • Organize the information from the things I read
    • Make a list of the stuff I’ve written
    • Submit more to publishers (submit 100 times a year)
    • Blog everyday
    • Build teachable site
  • Relationships
    • Listen more, talk less
  • Health
    • Walk twice a day
    • Jump rope
    • Hula-hoop
    • Eat more vegan food
    • Cook more, cook vegan food
    • Do more outdoorsy stuff
    • Bike
  • Learn
    • photography classes
    • improv
    • piano improv
    • musical improv
    • ballet
    • art classes
    • printmaking
    • jewelry making
    • sewing
  • Masters/ study
    • feminist psychologist/psychiatrist
    • Journalism
    • Feminism
    • Improv
    • Sociology
    • Philosophy
    • Art Therapy
    • Happiness
    • Theater
    • Feminist Lawyer
  • Activism and charity
    • run an ACLU-ish organization for the Philippines
    • regularly donate to charity
    • Do something related to feminism
  • Fashion
    • DIY jewelry
    • Buy a sewing machine
    • Study sewing
    • Study jewelry making
  • Improv
    • feminist improv workshop
  • Singing/ Songwriting
    • Sing everyday
    • Listen to music everyday. Explore Spotify, YouTube, or listen to my favorite songs
    • Write more songs
    • Perform in open mics
    • upload recorded songs on this blog
    • Compose on piano
    • Research about looper
  • Miscellaneous

2021 Accomplishments:


  • Lots of stuff


  • Building teachable site
  • Teaching improv
  • Co-facilitator for art-based research workshop on SRHR and GBV
  • Started my new writing workshops

Speaking and Performance

  • Started speaking and interview tasks for work
  • Getting comfortable at moderating webinars for work
  • Open mic spoken word
  • Doing improv again, joining jams
  • Speaking and interviews for group


  • Projects with group
  • Became part of leadership of group
  • Establishment of organizational structure of group
  • First time presented a paper at a conference, was co-author with a group


  • Became a member of a feminist writing group
  • Shifted to feminist course




  • First time made a doll out of scraps of cloth


  • Got extra work

My Top Things That Happened for 2021:

  • Watched The Last Holiday
  • Pleasant photographer
  • Went to park
  • Watched Gracie and Frankie
  • Poet Kathleen Ossip reacted to my poem which I read at an open mic with “the world needs your rage”
  • Received a compliment about my Marie Kondo essay
  • Listened to Happiness Lab episode about Lau Tzu
  • Found funny notes about or written by Kuya Paulo
  • Marie Kondo-ing the loft
  • Read The World Book of Happiness
  • Read The Vegetarian
  • Family zoom was fun
  • Gadget detox weekends
  • News that bad person received some consequence
  • Pet’s birthday
  • Chanel Miller’s event
  • Zoom A Writer | I / Eye: Introduction to the Personal Essay with Zhang Ruihe
  • Sketchnoting workshop
  • New friends
  • Discovered Read Me a Poem podcast
  • Watched Sara Ahmed’s On Complaint
  • Playing piano
  • Eco poetry workshop
  • Experimental writing class
  • Teacher said After Complaint! is visceral and powerful
  • Yummy vegan food
  • My bullet journal
  • Watched Promising Young Woman
  • New cd player
  • Free food from projects
  • Dance workshop
  • Watched Nadya Bakes
  • Former student said she’s thankful that I came into her life

Top 3 Greatest Decisions I Made in 2021:

  1. Finally pushed through with writing workshop
  2. Shifted to feminist course
  3. LDA stuff

Things I learned in 2021:

  1. I reread my college poems and I realized I wasn’t such a bad writer
  2. Instead of saying “I should do this”, ask yourself “Do you want to do it?”
  3. From Year of the Introvert “What would someone who loved themselves do?”
  4. From Year of the Introvert: Know your solitude rhythm
  5. Listening to songs helps incentivize me to practice singing
  6. Disrupting my thoughts about how someone’s bad behavior towards me means I’m worthless, and instead, asking myself “What do you want to do in response to this behavior?”

Facets of Who I Am:

  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Creative Non-fiction writer
  • Poet
  • Fiction writer
  • Improviser
  • Activist
  • Feminist
  • Visual artist
  • Humanist
  • Jewelry maker
  • Maker of recyclable art

Advice from My Blog and Diary:

Inspiring books:

Self-reflection and Habit Tools:

  • My Favorite Happiness Tracker
  • Facebook and YouTube Detox Week (Nov 2017)
  • Rereading My Diary For Year End Insights (2016)
  • For Two Hours a Day, I Think about the Future
  • Writing affirmations and recording blurts (I forgot where I got this from but I rread it in a book). Then turn blurts into affirmations. Pick what was the hardest affirmation and reflect why it was so hard to say to yourself.
  • Autopsy (from Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud)
    • What was good about it?/ What good can you make of it?
    • What did you learn?
    • What new skills have you attained?
    • What are the role models that you saw?
    • What new knowledge did you gain?
    • What are my strengths?
    • What should you eliminate?
    • Do you need to make amends?
    • What are the mistakes you have made?
    • What are the things you saw that you need to let go of?
    • What are the things you did that you need to let go of?
    • What were the things that were done to you that you need to let go of?
    • What are the weaknesses that you discovered that you did not know you had?
    • Eliminate the negative by: talk them out, cry, feel feelings, express feelings, forgive, let it all go, Ja: write it out

More Goals and Dreams:

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