The Runaways (Fiction/Business Idea)

I often think of business ideas and inventions that I know I will never make. Either it’s because I don’t have the scientific knowledge to create the invention, or, I’m just not that into it to actualize the idea. Instead of letting the idea rot, I write about them in my inventions and ideas category. A part of me is hoping that someone will just take the idea and make it real (but still hopefully credit me for the idea or give me a shout-out). So I’ll benefit from my idea as a customer of that cool product. Or maybe my blog category will just be a repository of ideas, and someday I’ll find an opportunity to make them real.

I also thought about using these invention ideas to create a short story. I had my issues with writing fiction, so I thought, maybe it will be good to write fictional stories around the business/invention ideas that I have.  So here’s one of those ideas. It’s called The Runaways.

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Living on One Dollar: Lack of Nutrition and Lethargy

I watched a Netflix documentary called Living on One Dollar. It’s about young American men who traveled to Guatemala so that they can understand what it’s like to live like the poorest of the poor. Since they were on a budget, they couldn’t eat that much, and they started to feel lethargic. Then I realized, the poor face this everyday. They lack nutrition, which affects their energy levels, and this also affects how they work.

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Bakit, illegal ba ang sexy clothes?

When I wear sexy clothes, I wear them not because I want to get the attention of men. I just want to wear clothes that look good on me, and sometimes those clothes happen to be sexy, so fuck you. Sa mga lalake, kailan mo hindi sinoot ang favorite mong polo kasi natatakot ka na baka ma-rape ka? Never yun nangyayari sa iyo, pero sa mga babae, palaging kaming sinasabihan na ibahin ang damit namin.

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Can we run the world without politicians?

To gain power, politicians have to make sure that other politicians fail and this can incentivize some to sabotage or even kill politicians. What if there’s another way to run the world? What if the world is run by a cooperation between businesses? Then again, profit motives might be in conflict of pursuing the good. So what else can we do?

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Today in personal hypocrisy: not paying for art that comforts me

A few months ago I was feeling bad and so I began to listen to Gwen Stefani’s album This is What the Truth Feels Like on Spotify, and of course I was listening for free. I realized how much it helped me get through the tough days. Initially, I didn’t have a problem with listening to Spotify. I like getting things for free, and of course I had an excuse. I was listening to this album for free (and doing other similar things like downloading torrents, etc) because I am poor and I have no money to buy the album. But now I am feeling guilty that I am not paying for art that comforts me.

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Happiness is political

Right now I’m reading the book Flow: The Classic Work on How to Achieve Happiness by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I’m only a few pages in, but I got really surprised by his discussions on how happiness can affect the importance of religion and our ability to judge societies without being ethnocentric. I’ve read a lot of books on happiness because I’m a self-help junkie, but this is the first time that I have ever encountered this point of view. It startled me, but it also intrigued me.

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Meeting a fearless student

I’ve always defined myself as a brave person, that is at least in terms of being courageous enough to leap to new opportunities. In terms of political opinions, I used to be very comfortable sharing links and making comments about various issues, but these days, I hesitate. This reminded me of the time when I watched Schindler’s List, and right after that movie, I thought, what if, like Schindler, history asks me to rise up and fight for something right? Will I be able to heed the call of the times? During that time, I couldn’t answer my own questions, and now that there’s a creeping legitimization of dictatorship and a ravenous call for more bloodshed, I am afraid that my answer to that is increasing into a shameful no. I am scared, and that’s why I was so inspired when I met my student who exuded fearlessness.

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