10 Cheap Gifts I’d Love to Receive

If you’ve read 10 Simple Gifts I’d Love to Receive, you’ll know that I’ve already made a similar list. I thought of more items, so I made this new list.

1. Gel pens

I  like doodling with them.

2. Mod Podge

Hey Kessy in UP Town Center has it.

3. Clear acrylic spray

I use it for my crafts.

4. Elmer’s All-White glue

I use Elmer’s glue for my bus ticket art and my paper mache. I’d really love to get that giant jug of Elmer’s glue.

Image source
Image source

5. Flour

I use flour for my paper mache so I need lots of it.

6. Papemelroti notebooks

Image source
Image source

I like Papemelroti’s blank notebooks with no design in front. I like them because I design the covers. I also like the Papemelroti notebooks with designs in front, especially the ones with inspirational quotes. Unlike ballpens, I actually also like fancy notebooks, but I don’t mind cheap ones as well.

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Why do people die?

On January 7, 2013, I wrote on Facebook:

Why do people die? Obviously you can explain it medically. His heart gave out. Her lungs collapsed. But why do people die? Why now? Why her? Why him? Why?

When I wrote that status our long-time driver Ka Saro died, but I was also thinking about my lola who died the year before. Long before that my nineteen-year-old cousin died in a car crash, and I was one month away from my tenth birthday. Now, I found out that my other cousin who is around 20 years old died.

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Ja the Weird Kid Transfers to a New School

I was in grade two when it was announced that my school was going to be converted to a mall. The school was moving to Batasan and that was far from where we lived. The move was going to be implemented the next year, so I could have stayed for one more year, but my mom decided to transfer me right away.

Ma decided to make me go to an all-girls school where Ma and lola graduated. Lola was part of the school’s first batch of graduates. The whole batch was as big as one class (forty plus students).

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