I want to start writing in Filipino

I don’t know why when I decided to become a writer, I decided that I will write in English. No, scratch that, I never decided. I never even questioned the thought that if I wanted to be a writer, I had to write in English. Now, when I try in Filipino, I feel my brain slowing down, translating.

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10 Cheap Gifts I’d Love to Receive

If you’ve read 10 Simple Gifts I’d Love to Receive, you’ll know that I’ve already made a similar list. I thought of more items, so I made this new list.

1. Gel pens

I  like doodling with them.

2. Mod Podge

Hey Kessy in UP Town Center has it.

3. Clear acrylic spray

I use it for my crafts.

4. Elmer’s All-White glue

I use Elmer’s glue for my bus ticket art and my paper mache. I’d really love to get that giant jug of Elmer’s glue.

Image source
Image source

5. Flour

I use flour for my paper mache so I need lots of it.

6. Papemelroti notebooks

Image source
Image source

I like Papemelroti’s blank notebooks with no design in front. I like them because I design the covers. I also like the Papemelroti notebooks with designs in front, especially the ones with inspirational quotes. Unlike ballpens, I actually also like fancy notebooks, but I don’t mind cheap ones as well.

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Why don’t I talk to neighbors?

There was only one period of my life when I talked to neighbors. I was a kid, and we had neighbors named Valerie and I forgot the other one. They were the only neighbors that I played with. After that, whenever my mom would encourage me to play with the neighbors, I would say, Ma, I don’t have to befriend the world. I still don’t talk to my neighbors these days, and now I’m wondering why.

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Sana may bike rental sa traffic na streets

Sobrang traffic na sa Maynila these days na minsan bumababa ako ng bus at naglalakad. Tapos, mas mabilis pa ang lakad ko kaysa sa takbo ng bus. Sa mga sitwasyong ito, makikita ko na maraming tao din ang bumaba sa bus at nagproprosisyon kami together sa kalye.

Kaya minsan nag-wiwish ako na sana may bike rentals sa mga kalyeng ganito para magbibike nalang ko hanggang sa dulo ng kalye, tapos puwede mo iwanan doon sa dulo na hindi na traffic or hanggang makarating ka sa MRT.

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My mom never gave me advice, and I am all the better for it

Note: This is a Facebook status I made during mother’s day

My mom never gave me advice, and I am all the better for it. When I was young, I remember looking at my closet and asking my mom to help me pick what dress I should wear. She refused and said that I should be the one to choose. I resented her for it because she was making my life harder. Then, I found out about my classmates who were forced into itchy dresses.

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Someday I have to write about lola’s death

When lola died, I couldn’t even write a Facebook post. I posted a photo of her, and I don’t know what status I placed with it. I don’t know if I even wrote “I’ll miss you.” It was like I couldn’t write anything that was an acknowledgement of what happened.

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Awayan sa kurtina sa bus

Parang scarce resource na yata ang kurtina sa bus. Na-experience mo na ba ito: ang init ng araw kaya hahatakin mo yung kurtina, pero yung taong nasa harap mo hahatakin rin. Away na ito! Naka-aircon bus ka nga pero wa-epek naman ito kasi nakaupo ka sa may bintana at sobrang lakas ng araw.

Dati naman may kurtina ang lahat ng bintana sa bus. Bakit ngayon parang kulang-kulang? Minsan pa nga, walang kurtina yung boung bus. Good luck nalang sa init!

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