People can use incorrect mathematics to lie

Right now I’m reading the book How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking by Jordan Ellenberg. I know what you’re thinking, I’m a writer, why am I reading a book about math? Actually, there’s a weird thing about me. I suck at mental math, up until now I don’t memorize the multiplication table, but I always had high grades in math. In fact, my math grades were higher than my English grades, and yet I never pursued a career in math. Huh.

Anyway, so I picked up this book because it promised to answer a perennial question that students ask, which is “When am I going to use this?” The book’s answer: math improves our way of thinking and helps us understand the world around us.

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5 Throat Soothing Remedies for Debaters

1. Pei Pa Koa

Why debaters love it: This was the most popular throat soothing thing when I was debating. We’d have a whole bag of Pei Pa Koa during tournaments, and by the end of the tournament, we’d have finished that whole bag. We love it because it tastes good, and it’s effective without the overly-minty taste.

The downside: We got so sad when we found out that it has formaldehyde.

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Prep List

I found some of my old debate files and I decided to post them here. These are some of the stuff that helped me during prep or the preparations before a debate. 


1.) Don’t be naïve, AMININ!

2.) PRE-EMPTION is better than rebuttal

3.) Movie making: Artistas are the PARTIES INVOLVED

4.) Elbowing a Frame: Question assumptions and palakihin

5.) Characterization: Find TENSIONS and resolve. Tension resolution equals sophistication.

6.) Buo ang loob!

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