The Runaways (Fiction/Business Idea)

I often think of business ideas and inventions that I know I will never make. Either it’s because I don’t have the scientific knowledge to create the invention, or, I’m just not that into it to actualize the idea. Instead of letting the idea rot, I write about them in my inventions and ideas category. A part of me is hoping that someone will just take the idea and make it real (but still hopefully credit me for the idea or give me a shout-out). So I’ll benefit from my idea as a customer of that cool product. Or maybe my blog category will just be a repository of ideas, and someday I’ll find an opportunity to make them real.

I also thought about using these invention ideas to create a short story. I had my issues with writing fiction, so I thought, maybe it will be good to write fictional stories around the business/invention ideas that I have.  So here’s one of those ideas. It’s called The Runaways.

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Fiction Ideas: Incremental Success, Positive World

We are always treated to rags to riches stories, and they are often presented as though they are overnight success stories. I want to read and write fiction or non fiction stories about incremental success–how little things slowly built up to trigger wild success. I want stories about hard work, about defeat and getting back up again, then stumbling down and bouncing back yet again. I want stories that are slow. I want stories that are about the boring process of building success and yet these stories would somehow still be interesting enough to hold our attention. It will be a television series that will run for several seasons, so the show can really go into the nitty gritty details of success.

The viewers will be inspired by this show. So whenever we are steadily climbing up the ladder of success or meeting the seemingly unsurmountable task of changing the world, we won’t feel defeated when it takes years, or even beyond our lifetime, to achieve the goals or the societal changes that we want. Instead, we will stay with it, trust the process, and know that if it’s not our battle to win, we did our part, we went on a journey, and whatever that is, it would be worth it.

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Fiction: I am just gonna die about being awkward

Note: I’m trying to go back to writing fiction, and I realized that I love writing one liners and short dialogues, but there’s no story attached to them. So I decided to expand these one liners into short scenes. This story started with the line “And I am just gonna die about being awkward.”

And I am just gonna die about being awkward. No, I don’t have pimples, or eyeglasses, or advanced coding skills, but I have an over-active brain that likes controlling my mouth. He was just reading a book and she had her head on his lap, and I had to ask them what time it was.

They were startled. Yes, it’s not only them that was in this garden on a school day. People are allowed here right? We are all wearing the same uniform, so I guess we are from the same school, but I don’t know you guys, but we’ve probably seen each other in the hallways, or not.

And I just kept talking, when I could have stopped, and if I did just that they would have adjusted to the fact that another human being was in their presence, their facial muscles would have relaxed, and they would have answered my freaking question, good day to you, I said good day!

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Fictional Dialogue: Can We Go Out as Friends?

Note: Sometimes I think of snippets of dialogues or scenes that are interesting, but I don’t know what to do with them. I don’t know how to flesh them out into a story or if they should be a poem or a song. Here’s one of those ideas.

Character 1: But, can we go out as friends?

Character 2: Yeah, let’s hang out. But you can go out as friends, and I will go out with an ulterior motive.

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Fictional Dialogue: I Plan to Not Know You (Love Story)

Sometimes I think of snippets of dialogues or scenes that are interesting, but I don’t know what to do with them. I don’t know how to flesh it out into a story or if it should be a poem or a song. Here’s one of those ideas:

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Why do corporations work you to the bone?

This is a work of fiction.

Transcript: I was with my friends when one of them was like, “Why do corporations work you to the bone?” and my other friend was like, “Honey, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? They work you to the bone because fundamentally, they want you to die. Die for your money, baby!”

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Fiction: Sex Shame, She Said

I don’t know why our Filipino teacher told us this when we were in high school. It definitely had no connection with Filipino. Maybe it was the fact that all of us in that classroom, and in that school, were girls, such that our teachers felt that they had to give our vaginas a talking to.

When Ms. de los Reyes had a boyfriend, she said she never gave into temptation. “If we break up, I knew, I could still look him in the eye and say ‘wala kang kinuha sa akin,’” she said with a glazed, far-reaching look on her face and a finger pointed up into empty air. They did break up, and so she was able to utter that dramatic line. Her message was clear: don’t have sex before you get married; you’ll feel ashamed when he leaves you.

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