I want P300,000 to fuck off for a year

As I said in this post, one of my fantasies is to do whatever the fuck I want for an entire yearSo, the plan is to work for five years then fuck off for one year, then work for five years again, then fuck off for another year. Tim Ferris, in his book 4-Hour Work Week, calls this creating mini-retirements, where you space out your retirement period all throughout your life instead of having a giant one at the end. When I read that, I got attracted to it, but I never had the courage to actually do it.

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I’m Going to Practice Management Concepts on Myself

I’ve always loved reading self-help books. Recently, there are more and more self-help books in the management section so now I’m reading management books. This is super weird, because if you’ve read To Shift or Not to Shift, you’d know that I took a management course in college, hated it, and then shifted out. I guess I just didn’t get the information related to management that was interesting to me. Anyway, so here I am so pumped up with these management books, but then I have no leadership position. Then I realized something, I can use these concepts to manage myself and my life.

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Be impressed by your efforts not just successes

A few years ago, a guy told me he visited my blog and he said, “Wow, ang dami mong blog posts.” I was shocked that he found that impressive. I never even considered that the quantity of my blog posts was in itself an accomplishment. I realized that I should also appreciate my efforts not just my successes. I have written this much and that in itself is worth something.

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Life coaching + travel getaway


If you’re an achievement junkie like me, and you also happen to be right smack into your quarter-life crisis, then you’ll understand why I got interested in life coaching. With life coaching, learning who you are and what you should do in life can be guided by a professional. There are several life coaching packages out there in Manila, but none that I’ve heard of that combined it with a travel getaway. That is, not until Kairos.

I got lucky because my cousin, who works at Convergent Consulting, the company behind Kairos, helped me get invited to this relaxing weekend. Convergent Consulting has been in operation for 14 years, and they provide training programs for teams and leaders of top corporations in the country. To celebrate the beginning of their 15th year, they launched Kairos, which is their first attempt to combine travel and life coaching, which they offered for private individuals instead of their usual clientele of companies.

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Customizing My Planner for 2017

For 2017, I decided to do something different with my planner. I added customized pages that will help me reach my goals this year.

But first, what inspired me to do this? As I said in Rereading My Diary For Year End Insights (2016), I really got inspired by my mom’s practice of reading her planner at the end of the year. Through this, she’ll know what she did that year, and that will help her plan her next year. I couldn’t replicate her practice because I’ve been using my cellphone for my planner, and it automatically erases past events. Instead, I reread my diary. Doing that was interesting, but it was also tedious to read all of those pages. So, taking inspiration from my mom, I decided to use a physical planner as a pre-diary.

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A Page for My 2017 Accomplishments

If you bought one of those normal planners, they often start with a few pages that you don’t use. There’s a map, airport abbreviations, etc. So I decided to paste a stationary paper on one of those pages and on top I wrote “Accomplishments 2017”. So by the end of the year, I’ll remember what I did right or if I did anything at all. If any of them are worth noting in my resume, I can put them in. I also plan on updating my LinkedIn, which has been rotting for years.

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Top 3 Things I Want To Do in 2017

Last year, I had goals for the year but I wasn’t able to accomplish most of them. I realized that one of the reasons why they were ineffective was that I wrote down too many. I think I wrote 12 so that I had one goal per month. This year, I just settled on 3 goals, although there are mini goals under them. Oh well, let’s try if this will work out better.

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