I want P300,000 to fuck off for a year

As I said in this post, one of my fantasies is to do whatever the fuck I want for an entire yearSo, the plan is to work for five years then fuck off for one year, then work for five years again, then fuck off for another year. Tim Ferris, in his book 4-Hour Work Week, calls this creating mini-retirements, where you space out your retirement period all throughout your life instead of having a giant one at the end. When I read that, I got attracted to it, but I never had the courage to actually do it.

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Don’t Sweat the Cyclical Misery

The cyclical misery is that experience where you go into a slump every now and then. It’s mysterious because it’s triggered by nothing, and it’s frustrating when you’re trying hard to make it stop. Now I realize that the best way to deal with it is to let it take its course and trust that it too shall pass.

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Be impressed by your efforts not just successes

A few years ago, a guy told me he visited my blog and he said, “Wow, ang dami mong blog posts.” I was shocked that he found that impressive. I never even considered that the quantity of my blog posts was in itself an accomplishment. I realized that I should also appreciate my efforts not just my successes. I have written this much and that in itself is worth something.

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The Power of a Cheery List

My cousin gave me a journal called The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration by Moorea Seal. In each page, there’s a header that says “list your goals and dreams for the year”, “list your favorite characters”, etc. There was this one list that was about writing down the things that cheer you up. When I saw that list, it gave me a great idea.

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Match the right map with the right forest

In Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he talks about the importance of a map. He said that if you do not have the right map for the forest that you are trekking, then diligence and attitude will not get you anywhere. The forest is essentially your life and the map is your purpose. If you work so hard but you are going toward a goal that isn’t for you then your efforts are useless. So you have to figure out the map first.

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