Pre-Scheduled Food Delivery

Omg we don’t have any more food for lunch the next day! Panic! Panic! Then I remember, aha, Food Panda, then I’m like, ok I have to wait for 11am the next day to place my order. Why can’t I place my order now and set it so that it will be delivered by lunch time the next day? Because we’re not that advanced, Ja, we’re just not.

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Wishing for an Outdoor Closet for Dropping Deliveries

I’m obsessed with Jack Ma, and I am thinking about buying more stuff online. Problem is, Lazada doesn’t allow you to schedule the products you buy online. What if there’s no one at home to receive them? This made me think of an outdoor closet for dropping deliveries, but of course it has to be high tech as well. So how does it work?

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Wishing for a mini sari-sari store in the bus

I wish there was a mini sari-sari store in the bus or any other public transportation. While you are there, stuck in traffic, you can buy some sanitary pads, or a notebook, or some pechay, the possibilities are endless! This new business model will be beneficial for both the passengers and the drivers.

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Wishing for a newspaper that circulates the thoughts of poor people

In the Philippines there are newspapers but they are supposedly “national” but are Manila-centric in practice. There are a few newspapers that center on a locality but there aren’t much of that. I wonder what if there were more newspapers that concentrated on news and issues that develop in different cities or districts. So there will be a Makati News, Tondo News, Aklan News, etc. What if these newspapers not only circulated articles by journalists but also by ordinary people, specifically from the lower classes, so that the production of information and opinion is not controlled by the upper classes? Would that do something good for the society or would it create chaos?

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Wishing for free counseling for internet trolls

I don’t know why I read internet comments. I should stop because they are disgusting. But while I was reading some comments yesterday, I had a thought. What if these hateful people actually need help? What if there was an NGO that gave them free counseling? Here’s my proposal:

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Sana may bike rental sa traffic na streets

Sobrang traffic na sa Maynila these days na minsan bumababa ako ng bus at naglalakad. Tapos, mas mabilis pa ang lakad ko kaysa sa takbo ng bus. Sa mga sitwasyong ito, makikita ko na maraming tao din ang bumaba sa bus at nagproprosisyon kami together sa kalye.

Kaya minsan nag-wiwish ako na sana may bike rentals sa mga kalyeng ganito para magbibike nalang ko hanggang sa dulo ng kalye, tapos puwede mo iwanan doon sa dulo na hindi na traffic or hanggang makarating ka sa MRT.

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Wishing for a Supermarket App

Whenever we go to the supermarket, we’re always asking the grocery people where this or that product is shelved. What if there was an app where you can input a product, say milk, and then it will point you to the right shelf? Like a map thing but it specializes in grocery items. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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