Bakit, illegal ba ang sexy clothes?

When I wear sexy clothes, I wear them not because I want to get the attention of men. I just want to wear clothes that look good on me, and sometimes those clothes happen to be sexy, so fuck you. Sa mga lalake, kailan mo hindi sinoot ang favorite mong polo kasi natatakot ka na baka ma-rape ka? Never yun nangyayari sa iyo, pero sa mga babae, palaging kaming sinasabihan na ibahin ang damit namin.

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Pre-Scheduled Food Delivery

Omg we don’t have any more food for lunch the next day! Panic! Panic! Then I remember, aha, Food Panda, then I’m like, ok I have to wait for 11am the next day to place my order. Why can’t I place my order now and set it so that it will be delivered by lunch time the next day? Because we’re not that advanced, Ja, we’re just not.

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Wishing for an Outdoor Closet for Dropping Deliveries

I’m obsessed with Jack Ma, and I am thinking about buying more stuff online. Problem is, Lazada doesn’t allow you to schedule the products you buy online. What if there’s no one at home to receive them? This made me think of an outdoor closet for dropping deliveries, but of course it has to be high tech as well. So how does it work?

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Wishing for a mini sari-sari store in the bus

I wish there was a mini sari-sari store in the bus or any other public transportation. While you are there, stuck in traffic, you can buy some sanitary pads, or a notebook, or some pechay, the possibilities are endless! This new business model will be beneficial for both the passengers and the drivers.

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Can we run the world without politicians?

To gain power, politicians have to make sure that other politicians fail and this can incentivize some to sabotage or even kill politicians. What if there’s another way to run the world? What if the world is run by a cooperation between businesses? Then again, profit motives might be in conflict of pursuing the good. So what else can we do?

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Today in personal hypocrisy: not paying for art that comforts me

A few months ago I was feeling bad and so I began to listen to Gwen Stefani’s album This is What the Truth Feels Like on Spotify, and of course I was listening for free. I realized how much it helped me get through the tough days. Initially, I didn’t have a problem with listening to Spotify. I like getting things for free, and of course I had an excuse. I was listening to this album for free (and doing other similar things like downloading torrents, etc) because I am poor and I have no money to buy the album. But now I am feeling guilty that I am not paying for art that comforts me.

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Is There Any Good to Talk to Bigots?

When I was a debater in high school and college, we’d have debates on social issues. An argument often used by many debaters is how futile it is to convince bigots and how we should target the moderates. Although I can see that winning the moderates is an easier battle, I wonder, was it right to truly give up on the bigots?

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