In the digital future will online writers get royalties?

Journalists who write for newspapers and magazines don’t get royalties, but in the future will that change and will that make things better? But first, let’s talk about how a royalty system will work for journalists. After being given a salary or being paid a fixed fee per article (for freelance writers), as long as the online articles get hits, the writer will get royalties (a few cents per click). The clicks have to be unique page views so as to prevent the writer from cheating by clicking on their own article.

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Submit 100 Times a Year

Last September, I read an article about why you should aim for 100 rejections a year (click here to read a previous post that I wrote about it). If you submit that many times to different publications and writing residencies, then you will get a lot of rejections but it will also increase your chances of getting accepted. I was only able to submit to 4 such opportunities and I got rejected in all of them. Somehow though, it felt really good because I’m finally trying to get my work out there. One said that I should send them another piece. This year, I plan to complete that 100 submissions, and to help me do that, I customized a page in my planner.

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My Roots in Art

1. Singing lessons

I took up singing lessons in U.P. Diliman’s College of Music when I was in high school or was it grade school? I don’t remember anymore. My recital piece was “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music.

I enrolled in Center for Pop twice. Once when I was in grade school or high school and again after I graduated from college. I did not join the recital during my first try because it required a fee and my mom found it too expensive.

For my second time, I joined the recitals and sang Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”, Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” (group number), Lady Gaga’s “Speechless”, Kelly Clarkson’s “Behind these Hazel Eyes”.

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Cool Words: Apoplexed


Definition: (from Merriam-Webster) from apoplexy, the sudden loss of the ability to feel or move parts of the body caused by too little blood going to the brain, stroke.

Read this word in: Hamlet by William Shakespeare


Sense sure you have,

Else could you not have motion; but sure that sense

Is apoplexed.

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