Celebrating the first poem I have ever published

Although I studied Creative Writing in college, I never got to practice it after I graduated. I semi-purposefully stopped writing fiction because I began questioning why I was doing it (but now I’m Writing Fiction Again). I stopped writing poetry because I got so intimidated by how beautiful it was. Recently though, I started writing poetry again, and I’m doing it in the way that I can, even though it’s against what I studied in class. I wasn’t expecting anything when I sent my poem to Ani last October, so now it’s such a pleasant surprise that it got accepted.

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Bakit walang mga putang ama?

Bakit walang mga putang ama? Meron putang ina pero walang putang ama. At kung paniniwalaan natin ang mga No Other Woman sa pelikula’t telebisyon at hello, si Erap lang, please lang, at ang statistics na mas marami daw lalaking nangangaliwa kaysa sa babaeng nangangaliwa, e di sa totoo lang, mas maraming mga putang ama kaysa sa putang ina. So bakit walang mga salitang putang ama?

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The First Time I Tried Performance Poetry at Sev’s Cafe: What It Means When We Disrespect You (Video)

I don’t know what got into me, but when I heard about Sev’s Cafe and that they had open mic for performance poetry, I just wanted to do it. I’ve been watching performance poetry on YouTube and I found them so fascinating. Some of my favorites are Neil Hilborn’s OCDDesireé Dallagiacomo and Kaycee Filson’s Real Sex TipsDesireé Dallagiacomo & Justin Lamb’s The Friend Zone, and a story by Micaela Blei.

I wanted to perform, but I thought I didn’t have a piece. Good thing I decided to look through this blog, and I saw my old piece, What It Means When We Disrespect You. I totally forgot that it existed!

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Sometimes Love Feels Like a Dark Alley

Sometimes love feels like a dark alley–

We have to live defensively or else we’ll be abused,

And it’s never the abuser’s fault for taking advantage of our vulnerabilities,

But it’s our fault for being “stupid enough” to assume that the people we meet aren’t monsters.

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What It Means When We Disrespect You

This is what it means when we disrespect you,
When we step on your toes,
When we keep you in the dark,
When we mislead you and tell you it’s yours when we’re taking it away,
Because you were never good enough,
Because someone else is just so much better, okay?
But don’t think of that as a bad reflection on you,
See it as a challenge,
A challenge to live up to our unrealistic expectations.

This is what it means when we disrespect you,
We’re not thinking about you,
So please stop it with your feelings,
Why should we even consider our action’s impact on you?
We just want the best from you,
And if that best can come out from emotional torture,
Then we say it came out beautifully, didn’t it?

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