My Life Plans as of Right Now (2016)

Fuck, I don’t have any plans. Not really. Ok, I’m thinking 2017 will be a year of health? So I’ll exercise, grocery, and cook. I enrolled in yoga here in our village. I like it also because it allows me to be part of the community here.

Another is I plan to spend money to take classes that I always wanted. Take photography classes, acting classes (improv and musical theater), digital marketing, and life coaching. I feel like I’m in a rut, and I need to do something. I’ll also take my masters, and I’m strongly inclined to take Psychology. I always loved reading Psychology books so why not get a masters on it?

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Rereading My Diary For Year End Insights (2016)

So my mom told me that at the end of the year she rereads her planner. This helps her remember what happened during the year, and helps her plan the next year. That’s a good idea, but I couldn’t replicate it exactly. I use my phone as my planner and it automatically erases past events after a certain amount of time. So I decided to reread my diary. This was a much more challenging task but it yielded some interesting results.

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Never Ask a Question If You’re Just Looking to be Validated

There was a time when I made this mistake. I asked someone about what he thought about a certain thing, and I didn’t like the answer. Then, I realized that I never asked the question to know what he thought; I asked the question because I wanted someone to approve of what I had already thought. Not a good thing, no.

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