New Year’s Resolutions (2018)

  1. Return checked papers the day after. Return major papers after one weekend. Huhu kaya ba ito?
  2. Exercise more: Once a month yoga, walk every Saturday and Sunday, jump rope everyday
  3. Eat more vegan food/ cook more: Cook 3 vegan meals this year, once a month read about vegan food, go to vegan restaurant, go to vegan bazaar, etc
  4. Do more outdoorsy stuff. Do one outdoorsy thing this year like camping or climbing a mountain
  5. Don’t buy books for an entire year. Borrow from the library, borrow from people, go to book cafes, reread books I have, read unread books, or swap books. This is inspired by a year of no shopping. However, in fairness to me, I rarely buy clothes and other stuff anymore. Buying craft materials is important though because I sell crafts. So the only things I spend too much money on are: books and eating out in restaurants. I have so many unread books, and I also reread my favorite books, so I think it’s time to take a pause on the buying.

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Rereading My Diary For Year End Insights (2016)

So my mom told me that at the end of the year she rereads her planner. This helps her remember what happened during the year, and helps her plan the next year. That’s a good idea, but I couldn’t replicate it exactly. I use my phone as my planner and it automatically erases past events after a certain amount of time. So I decided to reread my diary. This was a much more challenging task but it yielded some interesting results.

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Never Ask a Question If You’re Just Looking to be Validated

There was a time when I made this mistake. I asked someone about what he thought about a certain thing, and I didn’t like the answer. Then, I realized that I never asked the question to know what he thought; I asked the question because I wanted someone to approve of what I had already thought. Not a good thing, no.

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Ja’s Physical, Emotional, and Psychological State: As of Right Now

Writing Exercise Instructions: “Describe how and what you are feeling right now…physically, emotionally, psychologically. Write about anything and everything that comes to your mind.”–The Right to Write, Julia Cameron.

In this entry: Tagalog, walking, looking outside the window, childhood daydreams

Physically I feel okay. I was able to do my crunches and it was easy. No judgment. I had to write that phrase because I know I’m going to post this in my “serious blog” and I can feel the stress creeping on my back. I have to keep on writing and keep on focusing on other things, so I won’t remember to be scared.

Taglish vs English

I am finding it hard to keep on writing in straight English now. I know I can. My diary entries are mostly in straight English, but I don’t know why today I have flashes of namans and other Tagalog words.

Back when I was in the Philippines, I’d often speak Taglish, which is a mix of English and Tagalog. I have to make an effort to speak in straight English. I can’t even speak in straight Tagalog. It always has to be mixed. I’m not like weird or anything because almost all Filipinos speak this way.

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