2019 Masterlist (Life Plans, New Year’s Resolutions, Advice, Top 2 Goals, etc.)

Note: Some are from previous entries, namely My Life Plans As of Right Now (2012), I want a P50,000 monthly income (2013), Life Plans Progress Report (2014), My Life Plans as of Right Now (2015 version), Finally Realized My Top 3 Principles (2016), Rereading My Diary For Year End Insights (2016), My Life Plans as of Right Now (2016),Top 3 things I want to do in 2017, My Audacious Life Plans As Of Right Now (2017), My Life Plans as of Right Now (2018), 52 Week Money Challenge: (2018), New Year’s Resolutions (2018), Trying to stop buying too many books, I’m acting??? Anong balak ko sa buhay?

Top 2 Goals for 2019:

  • Work: Make my workload more manageable
  • Personal: Do stuff that will help you heal

My definition of a good person: Someone who is brave and honest enough to do the right thing. Someone who can be cool and collected in the face of great hate because she knows who she is and she has reasons why she has made the right but difficult decision. Someone who is aware of her flaws, is doing something to curb the negative side of herself in order to become better, but also is kind to herself by giving herself time and by forgiving herself for making mistakes.

My definition of a good life: Lots of personal pursuits, responsible minimum amount of work, even lots more of purpose, necessary periods of fun and relaxation, full of love and deep relationships with friends and family

My definition of a good job:

  • To work in a job where I am not required to go to an office everyday, but there’s still an office to go to once in a while

Top 3 principles:

  • honesty
  • bravery
    • 2018 update: Bravery at your own pace and at your own specific level of contribution based on your readiness
  • freedom

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When So Many People Tell You That Someone is a Piece of Shit, Listen

There have been many times in my life when I would be nice to a person who everyone hates. I’d dismiss society’s assessment of that person just because I’ve never experienced anything bad from him or her. Then, one day, that person screws me over, and I realize that society was right.

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Stop Being Nice to People Who Hate You

There are people who just don’t like you. That’s a reality. Even if you haven’t done anything to them, they just hate your guts, and they aren’t afraid to show it (Amazing!). I don’t know why in the past I’d still try to be nice to these people, but now I’m creating new rules for myself.

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Tools and Rules for My 52-Week Money Challenge

So on Facebook, I saw this photo of the 52-Week Money Challenge (100 peso weekly increment) by Peso Sense. It says that if I follow this, I will save P137,800 by the end of the year. That seems impossible, but I decided to give it a go. If I save that money, I’ll be able to pay all my utang. To make this work, I decided to prepare for it by creating rules and tools.

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New Year’s Resolutions (2018)

  1. Return checked papers the day after. Return major papers after one weekend. Huhu kaya ba ito?
  2. Exercise more: Once a month yoga, walk every Saturday and Sunday, jump rope everyday
  3. Eat more vegan food/ cook more: Cook 3 vegan meals this year, once a month read about vegan food, go to vegan restaurant, go to vegan bazaar, etc
  4. Do more outdoorsy stuff. Do one outdoorsy thing this year like camping or climbing a mountain
  5. Don’t buy books for an entire year. Borrow from the library, borrow from people, go to book cafes, reread books I have, read unread books, or swap books. This is inspired by a year of no shopping. However, in fairness to me, I rarely buy clothes and other stuff anymore. Buying craft materials is important though because I sell crafts. So the only things I spend too much money on are: books and eating out in restaurants. I have so many unread books, and I also reread my favorite books, so I think it’s time to take a pause on the buying.

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I’m Going to Practice Management Concepts on Myself

I’ve always loved reading self-help books. Recently, there are more and more self-help books in the management section so now I’m reading management books. This is super weird, because if you’ve read To Shift or Not to Shift, you’d know that I took a management course in college, hated it, and then shifted out. I guess I just didn’t get the information related to management that was interesting to me. Anyway, so here I am so pumped up with these management books, but then I have no leadership position. Then I realized something, I can use these concepts to manage myself and my life.

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