Why do people die?

On January 7, 2013, I wrote on Facebook:

Why do people die? Obviously you can explain it medically. His heart gave out. Her lungs collapsed. But why do people die? Why now? Why her? Why him? Why?

When I wrote that status our long-time driver Ka Saro died, but I was also thinking about my lola who died the year before. Long before that my nineteen-year-old cousin died in a car crash, and I was one month away from my tenth birthday. Now, I found out that my other cousin who is around 20 years old died.

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Maids Always Leave

Janelle wasn’t my family’s first maid, but the others were either maids that I don’t remember because I was still too young, or maids who didn’t take care of me because they were in charge of other things like doing the laundry, cooking, or cleaning the house. I asked my mom what happened to the other maids who took care of me. She sad they left. That’s the thing with maids these days, they always leave, she said. I saw a picture of me being carried by a maid, but I was too young to remember who she was. I got scared that Janelle would leave. Continue reading “Maids Always Leave”