Facebook and YouTube Detox Week (Nov 2017)

I am glad to announce that I have successfully completed a one-week Facebook and YouTube detox. From Nov. 20, 2017 to Nov. 26, 2017, I wasn’t allowed to check my Facebook and watch YouTube videos. Recently, I noticed that I’ve been overly checking Facebook and watching too many YouTube videos especially of the show Friends. In this post, I will tell you how I came up with this idea, the rules of the detox week, my progress, and my realizations.

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Age of the Diary Launches Its Donate Button!

If you look at the right hand side of this blog and then scroll down, you’ll find that underneath my profile picture is a donate button. For those who enjoy reading this blog, and would like to help me get more time to work on this, any amount will help. If I receive money from this blog, I can lessen accepting other kinds of work. If it’s possible to just live off of blogging, then that would be a dream.

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Elon Musk learned complicated things through textbooks

I am almost done reading Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance. It’s interesting, but sometimes the writing is irksome. Then again, so far, the things I’m learning from it outweigh the bad. One cool thing I learned was that before he went into the rocket-making business through SpaceX, Musk only knew how to code as he came from PayPal and other internet companies. He then turned to textbooks to read about rockets and talked to people in that industry. After a visit to Russia, he made an entire spread sheet detailing how their team will make a rocket and the cost that it will take to make it. His colleagues were impressed. “Where did you get this, Elon?” they asked. He figured it all out by reading books and talking to people.

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What Happens When You Start a Blog

I was talking to a friend one time when he mentioned how people were afraid to blog because of the fear of getting bashed. This wasn’t the first time someone told me this, and I would always nod my head in agreement, recognizing the legitimacy of this fear, when I should have said, nah that doesn’t happen. Continue reading “What Happens When You Start a Blog”


My Top 10 Blog Posts of All Time (Until June 2013)

Can you believe that my first blog post was in March 2, 2011? Back in 2011, I made a list of my top 10 blog posts of all time, so I decided to make a new list:

1. Why Americans Shouldn’t Get Angry about the Flavors of Negros (8,689 hits)

This post got 8,689 hits! Can you believe that? If I got one peso per hit, that would be a treat.

This post was my reaction to Jamie Foxx’ fans who negatively reacted to a Filipino restaurant called “Flavors of Negros”. The fans thought that it was racist, not knowing that Negros is the name of an island in the Philippines. Although it might sound like the word that is used to insult African Americans, it really has no connection with the history and culture of African Americans.

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Highlights of the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit

After the Laguna Blogging Summit, I attended the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit. Am I a summit addict now? I guess ever since I attended iBlog8: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit, I’m like, I want more!

The Cybercrime Law

The hottest topic of the summit was the Cybercrime Law. Atty. JJ Disini started his discussion by saying that when legislators crafted this bill, they had Business Process Outsourcing companies in mind.

BPO companies were afraid of doing business in the Philippines because their data wasn’t protected by the law. In case of a breach in their private data, they wanted to make sure that there were legal courses that they could use to penalize those hackers.

The problem is, legislators did not realize that the BPOs were not the only ones who were custodians of information. Every person is a custodian of information, and that is why everyone will be affected by this bill.

So the purpose of the bill is well meaning, but Atty. Disini said the way it is crafted is “sloppy”, and more so it is dangerous because certain provisions open the floodgates to abuse.

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