Stop Reading My Diary, Alice!

When Little Ja was eleven years old, she wrote some lies in her diary, but she thought she had to do it, so that she can make her cousin Alice feel so bad that she’d stop reading her diary. Little Ja’s angry words were:  I really hate Alice. I really don’t like her at all! She’s just useful to me when I have enemies. We had a fight but we were “ex-friends” again. And Wednesday almost bited me! This is a bad week today. (Source: Sugar Cream Puff Diary, Volume 1, Gr. 4-5)

When we were kids, my cousin Alice and I lived near each other. So after school, she’d come by my house, and, from the moment she’d arrive, up to the time she’d leave, we’d be inseparable. That can range from amicably playing together to being inseparable because we were completely committed to pulling each other’s hair. But during her daily visits there was bath/toilet time, and naturally, we wouldn’t be together in the bathroom.

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I Love Kalachuchi Flowers

Kalachuchi flowers symbolize death, but that’s not what I see when I’m looking at these white, yellow, or pink fragrant flowers. Instead, they trigger memories of my childhood. I loved climbing the Kalachuchi trees because unlike the coconut tree, they had branches, and unlike the mango tree, they don’t grow that high and the branches are not too thick, and unlike the kamias tree, they only had a few ants instead of a thousand.

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Weird Things I Did Because of a Childhood Crush

He hit me accidentally when he was playing in the classroom; I cried. The teacher made him say sorry because he was too young to instinctively know that what he did hurt me.

During the Christmas play, I played Mary and he played Joseph. We were too young to truly fall in love, but I was obsessed. So I did something drastic.

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La Usurpadora Beauty, La Usurpadora Personality

When I was a kid, I wished I was born beautiful. Since I thought my genes had forsaken me, I had to find another way to transform from an ugly duckling into a swan. I had this crazy idea that imitating the personalities of beautiful people will do the trick. I don’t know why I thought of that, but that led me to imitate characters in cartoons and telenovelas.

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The Adult World Laughter Span

Little Ja was in a green van with a bunch of adults–my mom and my classmates’ parents. I don’t remember why we were in that van or where we were going, but I remember looking at these adults, listening to them talk, and hearing the burst of dignified low-pitched laughter that lasted like a bolt of lightning. I was confused.

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