Submit 100 Times a Year

Last September, I read an article about why you should aim for 100 rejections a year (click here to read a previous post that I wrote about it). If you submit that many times to different publications and writing residencies, then you will get a lot of rejections but it will also increase your chances of getting accepted. I was only able to submit to 4 such opportunities and I got rejected in all of them. Somehow though, it felt really good because I’m finally trying to get my work out there. One said that I should send them another piece. This year, I plan to complete that 100 submissions, and to help me do that, I customized a page in my planner.

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Anong wala kang piyesa? Meron! Meron!

“Wala akong piyesa!” This was my main excuse as to why I wasn’t submitting to literary publications. I still need to write something, I kept saying. A few days ago, a friend ask me where my Creative Writing thesis was, and when I said it was just somewhere, he suggested that I submit it to this journal. I was like, ack! But he was right, I should submit. I also realized that I have entire folders in my computer of stuff I’ve written. So marami akong piyesa, ayoko lang ipakita. Then I read this article Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a Year, and it made complete sense.

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Celebrating the first poem I have ever published

Although I studied Creative Writing in college, I never got to practice it after I graduated. I semi-purposefully stopped writing fiction because I began questioning why I was doing it (but now I’m Writing Fiction Again). I stopped writing poetry because I got so intimidated by how beautiful it was. Recently though, I started writing poetry again, and I’m doing it in the way that I can, even though it’s against what I studied in class. I wasn’t expecting anything when I sent my poem to Ani last October, so now it’s such a pleasant surprise that it got accepted.

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Books that had a lasting impact on my life (Book 3: Steal Like an Artist)

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon is written by a writer and an artist and he talks about the things he has learned about the creative process. I first read it as an article online, and now it has been turned into a book. I also bought Mr. Kleon’s other book Show Your Work, which is also very interesting. So why is Steal Like an Artist so important to me? It’s because it is where I learned two things: nothing is original and fake it till you make it.

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For characters, check your Facebook friends list

These days I’m writing fiction again, and whenever I am thinking of a new character, I go through my Facebook friend list. Facebook is a great repository of people I’ve known in my life, and they can be ingredients that I can mix together to concoct a new character.

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I like writing in my blog coz I don’t have to write well

I’m a writer by profession, and I write for newspapers, online publications, and magazines, but the thing I like the most is writing in my blog. I like it because there’s no pressure to write well here. I don’t have to think about the voice of the publication or about writing in a professional manner. I can just be free, be me, and just write.

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Freelancer seesaw: I can do it; I can’t do it

So it’s been around 7 months since I started freelance writing. I knew that this path wasn’t going to be easy, but it still surprises me how much I can emotionally seesaw these days. I’ll feel a determined I can do it! I am gonna conquer this thing! Rar! Then, I’m like, huhuhu I can’t do it. I failed. I can’t accept failure. I have to admit it. Huhuhu..then nooooo rar!

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