I’m not gonna get love right anytime soon

I find comfort in the thought that, for the next few years, I’m never gonna get love right. Comfort? What??!! Let me explain.

Back when I was in an all girls school, which was when I was in grade 3 until high school, I didn’t care about boys. When I reached grade 6, girls my age were having crushes on our school’s first influx of male teachers (prior to this, only females were allowed to teach in our school). Those male teachers were ugly, but they were the only men in campus. I didn’t go gaga for these uglies, and I truly did not understand the giggly hysteria that surrounded them. What I missed out on though is the chance to learn how to talk to men like them.

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Stop Being Nice to People Who Hate You

There are people who just don’t like you. That’s a reality. Even if you haven’t done anything to them, they just hate your guts, and they aren’t afraid to show it (Amazing!). I don’t know why in the past I’d still try to be nice to these people, but now I’m creating new rules for myself.

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My Life Plans as of Right Now (2018)

Thrive by Arianna Huffington argues that we should change our perceptions of success. In the past she thought that success meant to overwork herself to death, but now she wants to “thrive”. After reading that book, I asked myself, “what is my definition of success?”

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My Kiddie Art

When I was a kid, my mom enrolled me in an art class and she said that after one class, I told her, “Mama, I’m so happy.” I remember that class. We were taught to mix paint and detergent, then blow bubbles in the mix, and finally press paper on the paint-infused bubbles. I still have those bubbles preserved on the page as yellow and red forms, and I love it.

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Tools and Rules for My 52-Week Money Challenge

So on Facebook, I saw this photo of the 52-Week Money Challenge (100 peso weekly increment) by Peso Sense. It says that if I follow this, I will save P137,800 by the end of the year. That seems impossible, but I decided to give it a go. If I save that money, I’ll be able to pay all my utang. To make this work, I decided to prepare for it by creating rules and tools.

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New Year’s Resolutions (2018)

  1. Return checked papers the day after. Return major papers after one weekend. Huhu kaya ba ito?
  2. Exercise more: Once a month yoga, walk every Saturday and Sunday, jump rope everyday
  3. Eat more vegan food/ cook more: Cook 3 vegan meals this year, once a month read about vegan food, go to vegan restaurant, go to vegan bazaar, etc
  4. Do more outdoorsy stuff. Do one outdoorsy thing this year like camping or climbing a mountain
  5. Don’t buy books for an entire year. Borrow from the library, borrow from people, go to book cafes, reread books I have, read unread books, or swap books. This is inspired by a year of no shopping. However, in fairness to me, I rarely buy clothes and other stuff anymore. Buying craft materials is important though because I sell crafts. So the only things I spend too much money on are: books and eating out in restaurants. I have so many unread books, and I also reread my favorite books, so I think it’s time to take a pause on the buying.

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