The Alamat Character is a Woman

I recently read the book Alamat by John F. R. L. Santos and Karmina D. Torres, which is a collection of myths of the Philippines. In the “Alamat ng Bawang”, there’s a character named Kulala. Maybe it’s my weak Filipino, but I did not realize right away that it was a name of a woman, and since Filipino pronouns are naturally genderless, there weren’t any clues at the beginning of the story in terms of Kulala’s gender.

But when the story said that the mother of Kulala had one wish and that is to have Kulala marry a rich person, I was like, ok babae si Kulala. Even if there was no gender specified for the person Kulala will marry, I knew that Kulala was female because no parent wishes their male child to be married. Parents of course want to see their male child married but when parents think about their dreams and wants for their male child, it’s usually something related to honor, valor, and achievement, but with women, parents wish that their daughter marries.

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How about Not Exonerated Just Because You Haven’t Been Caught Yet?

Here’s me with an interesting idea: For many sexual harassers, we apply the court rule of innocent until proven guilty. What if we changed that? I’m not saying that they should be guilty until proven innocent because that would be unfair. But what about this: not exonerated just because you haven’t been caught yet?

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Cleaning My Room with Psychopaths

I had a dream that I was held captive by two psychopaths who were torturing people. One of the psychopaths was a friend of mine, and she promised that they will not torture me. Still, I was afraid, and the way I coped was I kept sleeping, so that I would be free from the nightmarish nature of my reality.

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Two Sexual Harassers Cook Tomato Soup (Fiction)

Scene: Two sexual harassers are cooking tomato soup

Harasser 1: Blanch, don’t drench. Let me do it.
Harasser 2: You always want control!
Harasser 1: And you don’t?
Harasser 2: I always have the other person’s consent.
Harasser 1: After hours of manipulation.
Harasser 2: It’s not manipulation. It’s my charm
Harasser 1: When she’s crying when she says, “fine!”
Harasser 2: How about you? Your girls don’t even say “fine” because they’re
passed out drunk.
Harasser 1: They wouldn’t be that drunk if they didn’t want it, and why would I
waste such an opportunity?
Harasser 2: You’re really good at cooking, you know that?
Harasser 1: Really?
Harasser 2: Cooking up excuses
Harasser 1: I learned from the best, dad.

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