Fictional Dialogue: Can We Go Out as Friends?

Note: Sometimes I think of snippets of dialogues or scenes that are interesting, but I don’t know what to do with them. I don’t know how to flesh them out into a story or if they should be a poem or a song. Here’s one of those ideas.

Character 1: But, can we go out as friends?

Character 2: Yeah, let’s hang out. But you can go out as friends, and I will go out with an ulterior motive.

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Speed Up Your Scheduling Routine: Weekly Schedule With One-Letter Codes

When I began working as an art reporter three years ago, the office gave me a flexible schedule. This meant that I was free to plan my days, but if I did overtime on weekdays and Sundays, I wasn’t compensated for it. As I said in The Time Management Matrix that Saved Me from 16-Hour Work Days, I was working 16-hours or more a day because I didn’t know how to manage my time. Aside from the tips in that post, what helped me was to make a weekly schedule with one-letter codes.

Planning the entire week helps me divide the amount of work that I need to do over the course of several days as opposed to cramming it all in one day. To save even more time, I decided that for certain recurring activities, I will not type up the whole word for it (ex: travel) and instead use a code (T). This is helpful as I don’t have to spend time spelling out the whole word again and again, and when I erase the entries for the next week, I only need to erase one letter instead of several.

So in my phone, I have a note for my schedule for the entire week ahead. The schedule is divided into days and each day is divided hours. If an activity only lasts for 30 minutes instead of an hour, I place two activities during the one hour period and separate them with a comma. You can see that in the 2-3 time period in the sample schedule below.

Mon Feb 1



8-9-W 1

9-10-W 1

10-11-W 1



1-2-B, L

2-3-L, T

3-4-[describe event that I’ll go to and venue where event will take place]



6-7-T, N




So what do those letters mean?

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Masterlists of Things to Do with Subheadings

In the past, I used to have several to do lists. Some were in my old phone, some were in a note in my new phone, some were in the calendar of my new phone, others were written down on pieces of paper, some were in my computer. Guess what happened? Yup, disaster. To help me get organized, I narrowed it down to two masterlists of things to do on my new phone.

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Goal in Life: To Never Work in an Office

In the past, I worried that I never had a dream company that I wanted to work for. I admired several companies, but I didn’t have that one burning desire to get in a specific company. I also didn’t like the idea of being in an office and climbing up the corporate ladder. But I thought that I’d figure it out eventually, that I’d find that one dream company to work for, that I’d finally find a place where I’d fit in. Now, I realize, that more than anything in the world, I want freedom.

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Wishing for a Supermarket App

Whenever we go to the supermarket, we’re always asking the grocery people where this or that product is shelved. What if there was an app where you can input a product, say milk, and then it will point you to the right shelf? Like a map thing but it specializes in grocery items. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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