2019 Masterlist (Life Plans, New Year’s Resolutions, Advice, Top 2 Goals, etc.)

Note: Some are from previous entries, namely My Life Plans As of Right Now (2012), I want a P50,000 monthly income (2013), Life Plans Progress Report (2014), My Life Plans as of Right Now (2015 version), Finally Realized My Top 3 Principles (2016), Rereading My Diary For Year End Insights (2016), My Life Plans as of Right Now (2016),Top 3 things I want to do in 2017, My Audacious Life Plans As Of Right Now (2017), My Life Plans as of Right Now (2018), 52 Week Money Challenge: (2018), New Year’s Resolutions (2018), Trying to stop buying too many books, I’m acting??? Anong balak ko sa buhay?

Top 2 Goals for 2019:

  • Work: Make my workload more manageable
  • Personal: Do stuff that will help you heal

My definition of a good person: Someone who is brave and honest enough to do the right thing. Someone who can be cool and collected in the face of great hate because she knows who she is and she has reasons why she has made the right but difficult decision. Someone who is aware of her flaws, is doing something to curb the negative side of herself in order to become better, but also is kind to herself by giving herself time and by forgiving herself for making mistakes.

My definition of a good life: Lots of personal pursuits, responsible minimum amount of work, even lots more of purpose, necessary periods of fun and relaxation, full of love and deep relationships with friends and family

My definition of a good job:

  • To work in a job where I am not required to go to an office everyday, but there’s still an office to go to once in a while

Top 3 principles:

  • honesty
  • bravery
    • 2018 update: Bravery at your own pace and at your own specific level of contribution based on your readiness
  • freedom

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When So Many People Tell You That Someone is a Piece of Shit, Listen

There have been many times in my life when I would be nice to a person who everyone hates. I’d dismiss society’s assessment of that person just because I’ve never experienced anything bad from him or her. Then, one day, that person screws me over, and I realize that society was right.

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Tina Fey: Never Tell a Crazy Person He’s Crazy

I am currently reading Bossypants by Tina Fey because I’m into improv nowadays, I love humor, and I want to learn lessons from a female leader. In the book, Tina talks about the leadership lessons she learned from Lorne Michaels, who was running Saturday Night Live (SNL). The one that stood out for me was: Never tell a crazy person he’s crazy.

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Why should I look a liar in the eye? 

Note: Found this in an old notebook. I wrote this when I was in college. It’s about a friend who betrayed me. Maybe I should revisit this idea and write another piece on it. 

I hope you’ve properly convinced yourself of your innocence.
I hope you’ve properly convinced yourself of your lies.
I hope you’ve properly convinced him of your lies.
I hope you’ve properly convinced everyone of your lies.
You had to lie to me. You thought it was the right thing to do.
Without your lies, you couldn’t trick me to forgive you.
So go on and lie because you can.
Go on and lie because I’ll let you.
I’ll let you become what you truly are.

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Wishing for a Self-Help Guide for Literature

How I wish there was a book, an article, or a blog that will recommend stories and poems that will help me whenever I am going through specific problems or will help me learn something. There’s like a list. To learn about empathy, read this novel or this poem. Something like that. Like a list of life lessons, social issues, aspects of human life, and the corresponding novels and poems that tackle those things.

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Descriptions of a Messy Room

Note: I recently reread my 2010 diary, and I found this entry. The entry itself is messy, but some parts are interesting.

I am here at home, and my room is a mess. Crumpled white green tissues piling up beside old sick tapes of pop gaudiness. Trying to discard my tasteless past, but I realized I can’t let go of Mandy Moore, what more the others? The trail of tissues end as the trail of clothes begin. Where the hell is my hamper? All the clothes sleep beside the trash can. The clothes and the trash mingle, and I have a sinking suspicion that I have mistakenly thrown out some clothes thinking that the trash can was the hamper. Papers flying everywhere, like that Harry Potter scene, except that was joyous, or I guess a bit torturous, not knowing where all of those letters came from, knowing they are all yours, and then someone tries to take them away from you.

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