More Katipunan Finds: Crafts Supplies Store Hey Kessy (Stuff I bought and Crafts I made)

If you’ve read Craft Cuties I Want from Katipunan’s The Common Room, you’ll know that I found this interesting crafts store near Katipunan Avenue called The Common Room. My trip to Katipunan though wasn’t because I wanted to go to The Common Room, but it was because I wanted to go to Hey Kessy ( 71-B Esteban Abada St, Quezon City, Metro Manila), a crafts supplies store which also holds craft workshops.

They have Prang watercolor set, mod podge, foam brush, chalk stickers, and more!

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Craft Cuties I Want from Katipunan’s The Common Room

As you know, I love making crafts. Recently, I chanced upon this new store at Katipunan called The Common Room (#325 Dela Rosa St. corner Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City), and it’s filled with handmade stuff and a few craft supplies.

A lot of their retailers are the ones who sell at 10A Alabama, an antique furniture shop which does crafts bazaars, craft workshops, and art exhibits. The Common Room also conducts craft workshops. Sooooo cool!

Anyway, I found lots of stuff I want to buy. Sadly, right now my budget is tight, so I’m writing this wish list in case anybody wants to be nice to me. Hahahaha. Or I’ll buy them myself, soooooooon–I hope!

Cute painted wallet

Pad paper with inspirational message

Fragrances named using cool Filipino words like “Kilig”, “Umaga”, “Alaala”

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My First Bus Tickets Artwork

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I’m mad about bus tickets. I’ve designed tote bags, tablet cases, and notebooks with bus tickets, (check out Bus Ticket Tote BagHow to Design Your Tablet Case with Bus Tickets, and How To Use Bus Tickets to Design Your Notebooks), and now I created my first bus tickets artwork.

This obsession with bus tickets all started on a random day. I was riding the bus and realized that I naturally accumulated an art material–a colored paper, a bus ticket. So I started collecting them because I knew I liked making crafts but I had little money to buy expensive paints.

From that day, I became sensitive to the free art materials that constantly came into my life. This is the case with bus tickets. I don’t have to go out of my way to get them. I just have to go through the course of my day, and hello, these colorful critters will say Hi, Jasmine! Nice to see you again. Where to now?

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My Post-Dengue World Address (VIDEO)

So I had dengue, and I decided to talk about that experience through video. Yey! I’m experimenting with video. Ok it’s not that good, and in one part, I look like I’m about to cry when I was just expressing confusion. Oh well. Baby steps! Hope you guys like it! Continue reading

Jane Eyre and the Power of Truth

Anger is what’s stopping me from finishing Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I can only read a few pages a day or even a week because I get so affected by the injustices that’s happening to the main character Jane. I keep on reading though because the writing is so strong, and there’s one scene wherein I really liked how it portrayed the power of truth.

Jane is a young girl, an orphan who is living with her aunt. Her aunt insults her, scolds her for fighting against her abusive son, and humiliates her in front of other people. In one scene, when her aunt Mrs. Reed summoned her to meet a man from a school that Jane will be going to, Mrs. Reed tells this man that Jane is a deceitful child and a liar. Jane had to listen to all of these unkind words, but when the man left, Jane finally retaliates against Mrs. Reed.

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