For Two Hours a Day, I Think about the Future

I forgot where I got this advice, but I read somewhere about a CEO who would schedule two hours a day to think about his life. He would contemplate about what he has learned so far, what else does he aspire to, where he is going, what else does he want, and what are the steps that he needs to get there.

But I thought, how can I find two hours in my hectic schedule? Here’s the trick.

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DIY Cellphone Case with a Stand

My cellphone didn’t have a case, and I wanted it to have a stand. My first instinct was to buy one, but then I realized that I have so many upcoming expenses this month. There’s always a solution though and that’s creativity! I googled “DIY cellphone case”, and I found two links (this and this).

I’m kind of proud of this project because I put together two different sets of instructions so that my final product could fit my needs. To avoid buying the materials stipulated in the instructions, I looked around the house and used the available stuff that I already had.

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Why do people die?

On January 7, 2013, I wrote on Facebook:

Why do people die? Obviously you can explain it medically. His heart gave out. Her lungs collapsed. But why do people die? Why now? Why her? Why him? Why?

When I wrote that status our long-time driver Ka Saro died, but I was also thinking about my lola who died the year before. Long before that my nineteen-year-old cousin died in a car crash, and I was one month away from my tenth birthday. Now, I found out that my other cousin who is around 20 years old died. He lives abroad, so we are not sure yet what happened, and we don’t want to press his grieving family for details, but it was probably because of his prior heart condition.

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My New Health Resolution: More All-Fruit Breakfasts

Ever since my mother had a mild stroke, I decided to eat more healthy. Before this, I thought our diet was good, but now that we re-examined our eating habits, we realized that we eat a lot of cholesterol-heavy food.

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What’s in a Creative Writing Course? To Shift or Not to Shift Explains

Ever since I wrote To Shift or Not to Shift, an article about my experience shifting from one college course to the next, I received a lot of comments and e-mails related to my post. Recently, a reader asked me to explain what a Creative Writing course is and if it is fun to study it. Instead of just e-mailing back, I decided to write a post so that others who have the same question can benefit from my answers.

I took up Creative Writing in Ateneo de Manila, so my description will be based on that experience. I cannot guarantee that Ateneo’s program is exactly the same as other colleges but I guess there will be similarities.

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