Be impressed by your efforts not just successes

A few years ago, a guy told me he visited my blog and he said, “Wow, ang dami mong blog posts.” I was shocked that he found that impressive. I never even considered that the quantity of my blog posts was in itself an accomplishment. I realized that I should also appreciate my efforts not just my successes. I have written this much and that in itself is worth something.

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Wishing for an Outdoor Closet for Dropping Deliveries

I’m obsessed with Jack Ma, and I am thinking about buying more stuff online. Problem is, Lazada doesn’t allow you to schedule the products you buy online. What if there’s no one at home to receive them? This made me think of an outdoor closet for dropping deliveries, but of course it has to be high tech as well. So how does it work?

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Wishing for a mini sari-sari store in the bus

I wish there was a mini sari-sari store in the bus or any other public transportation. While you are there, stuck in traffic, you can buy some sanitary pads, or a notebook, or some pechay, the possibilities are endless! This new business model will be beneficial for both the passengers and the drivers.

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La La Land Theories: Whose dream was it?

Spoiler alert!

A few days ago I watched La La Land, and I’m still depressed. Of course it’s because of the bittersweet ending where Mia and Sebastian fulfilled their dreams but they continued on different paths. While that was their stark reality, it was contrasted by a dream sequence where they were happily married. While I was watching the movie, I wasn’t thinking about whose dream was it. I just took it as the movie informing the audience of the alternate ending if the characters chose differently. In the alternate ending, only Mia got to fulfill her dreams, so when we went back to reality, we weren’t so sad anymore (yeah right, huhuhu, still crying) because we knew that what happened was the best thing for both of them (sigh). After reading a few articles about the movie though, I realized that so many people were asking if it was Mia’s dream or Sebastian. I began thinking about it as well, and now I have a few theories.

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Life coaching + travel getaway


If you’re an achievement junkie like me, and you also happen to be right smack into your quarter-life crisis, then you’ll understand why I got interested in life coaching. With life coaching, learning who you are and what you should do in life can be guided by a professional. There are several life coaching packages out there in Manila, but none that I’ve heard of that combined it with a travel getaway. That is, not until Kairos.

I got lucky because my cousin, who works at Convergent Consulting, the company behind Kairos, helped me get invited to this relaxing weekend. Convergent Consulting has been in operation for 14 years, and they provide training programs for teams and leaders of top corporations in the country. To celebrate the beginning of their 15th year, they launched Kairos, which is their first attempt to combine travel and life coaching, which they offered for private individuals instead of their usual clientele of companies.

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Can we run the world without politicians?

To gain power, politicians have to make sure that other politicians fail and this can incentivize some to sabotage or even kill politicians. What if there’s another way to run the world? What if the world is run by a cooperation between businesses? Then again, profit motives might be in conflict of pursuing the good. So what else can we do?

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Random Thoughts on Alibaba: The House that Jack Ma Built

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On Alibaba: The House that Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark: Jack Ma is impressive. He was an English teacher before he became an entrepreneur. Baka may pag-asa pa ako! He befriended an Australian family to practice his English. His letters to them had spaces in between the lines so that they could comment on his English. The Australian family gave him money when he needed it. It’s important for him to take care of his customers and employees.

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