How to Write Faster

1. No monkeys allowed

Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind, said that a writer often lets her “monkey mind” obstruct her creative processes. The “monkey mind” often tells her, That’s not good enough, why write that? That’s a bad idea. The “monkey mind” disguises itself as an editor, but in reality it is censorship–it’s stopping you from saying what you truly think and feel.  So when you’re writing your first draft, don’t erase anything, don’t edit. Just keep on writing and writing and writing.

2. Just write

The hardest part of writing is starting. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck, tell yourself, Don’t agonize. Just write. 

3. Do timed writing

Set your alarm clock to ring in thirty minutes to an hour. Write until the clock rings. The time limit will pressure you to produce something.

4. Warm up with morning pages

Morning pages are a great way to start your writing day. Click here to learn more.

5. Get into a rhythm

Set a specific time for your daily writing routine. If I can’t produce anything right away, I just tell myself, Stay with it and sit.

When you schedule your writing, your brain gets used to producing ideas at a certain time period. This will make the writing process easier.

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